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Oh shit it's her! Everyone's soon-to-be favorite villain / hero badass, Melira.

Shilling time ; Go watch Learning with Pibby. It looking out to be a fucking sick ass show should it ever take off.

Shoutout to Chyanna's advice to reduce draw calls

Fingers crossed that the flaws on this character aren't too apparent. Such as the fur because it's like the second character or so that i gave a fur coat to


Good to see it worked for you nice work

2 years, 7 months ago

Got me to watch Learn with Pibby, and I'm glad I did. Good job!

2 years, 7 months ago

Ya know. This character is not my cup of tea, but like... She looks so gosh damn fun! Great work making her! She looks absolutely great and stylish and with personality!

2 years, 7 months ago
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