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Camera Nodes in Interactions

The ability to create camera nodes in Interactions that can be switched to on the fly and moved with keyframes.

Ideally, you'd be able to control which camera is active with a hotkey (maybe just the number keys).

Not sure if this is feasible before the URP migration.


I would like to add; pan, zoom, movement, fov, pov, lock to surface, camera shake. Fade and transition effects too. It's so time consuming to do with currently with just the FPS camera and a video editor. And janky.

I wish to make it, "cinematic". Also do a matrix parody.

3 months ago

Maybe a way to add "waypoints" and have the camera interpolate between them like a rail, while focusing on a target.

Might be too much to ask, but would love to see something like unity Cinemachine exposed to the UI.

3 months ago


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