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Moaning sound effects

Similar to squish and slapping sounds, various moaning voices can be driven into an interaction I guess? That would be pretty cool to have if I dare say so.

can this be the first one?

1 month ago

use this video to learn how to use/share interactions iuntil the clousd for it is online buty if you never used character yet musyt download / save it from character creator and add it to a new interaction once to generate a hash number for it first before following video only th do it if you are you usinfg a character you just made or wanrt to use

1 month ago

and must export itr to interaction when you save

1 month ago

a=wrong link use this updated one

1 month ago

I would greatly appreciate being able to add custom sound effects, probably to use in the drop down list where Squish_In & Squish_Out are. But more built in ones like moans would be great as well.

1 month ago


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1 month ago