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VR Support

Once interactions and animations are implemented, players would have the ability to explore scenes and enter character POVs in VR (similar to Yiffalicious). Ideally you could also manipulate parts of the character creator in VR, but that would probably be far more complicated to design.

Developer response
VR similar to Yiffalicious will be implemented after interactions.

Gotta be able to use different vr platforms though. YL1 never worked right for me. :/

11 months ago


Gotta be able to use different vr platforms though. YL1 never worked right for me. :/

Fair enough. It was clunky and didn't have controller support. But YL1 hasn't been updated in over four years, and Unity VR support has improved significantly since then. Since FVNE will be running a newer version of Unity than YL1 did, I think it would be reasonable to expect that any headset that can use SteamVR will be compatible.

I do hope we get controller support this time around, though. Most VR games that expect you to use a keyboard and a mouse are basically unusable.

11 months ago


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Will be implemented.
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