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Nicholas Wilde

Nicholas Piberius Wilde -by now "officer" -
from Walt Disneys Zootopia movie.

Pretty much like our Judy Hopps we sat tight, all the assets ready for the release of some three toed feet and now we picked up the work on slick here as well.

As FurFangGang:
@Vandred made the entire model with all his fancy expressions and gave him a really unique touch working his heart out on him and even made two models to move as close as possible to a cartoon styled nick that fits our Judy
@Craket made sure that all the fur is in place and properly combed.
@Blacky made the textures and coloration as well as the entire dress up for the smart guy.

Nick was way more challenging than our Judy and we struggled a few times with the head and nose shapes but in the end we found a way to bring his cartoony look and expressions over to FVNE.
We hope you enjoy him and and , as always, tell us your thoughts on our latest installments.

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  • First uploaded: 1 year, 7 months ago
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