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Rouge the WereBat

Rouge the Bat is good. Black Rouge is great!
Rouge the WereBat is neat. Black Rouge the WereBat? Now we're talking. The future is now and i have brought it here for everyone to enjoy

She's also relatively easy to edit should anyone want an ordinary Rouge the Bat, i think. I'm not a professional

Now i don't know why you would want that because i mean like.. We're furries. We're in this for the fur. And you'd go out your way to take out fur from a character? Leave the head as is? Kinda weird but okay man..! You do you i guess but, like, i 'm just saying. Fur-ry. Fur. And you remove the fur. Are you just a Ry? This is a whole can of worm to discuss. What i'm saying is, why would you want more skin on your furry when clearly the best thing about furries is the soft fur that delicately caresses your hands. That's the best part for sure


hey man not cool calling us Ry's out like that :(
dope character btw, didn't expect to like the blue nipples as much as I do

1 year, 6 months ago

Blue nips was a bold move but it definitely works on her. Thanks for the compliment, @anon_hours my man

1 year, 6 months ago
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