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Minerva Mink

Minerva Mink from Steven Spielberg's "Animaniacs" series.
We proudly present our Marilyn Monroe of the furry universe!

As FurFangGang
Started this whole project by coming over, asking us if we are interested in continuing his work on Minerva and we simply said: yes!
dogson created the base body, hair mesh and texture as well as the classic dress.
@Vandred shaped the body even further, gave her facial expression, made the dress glitter and added the fun little logo up here.
@Craket covered her in fur, made the hair and tail mesh look like real hair, did the polishing work and was behind the camera lens.
@Blacky made the alternate dress alongside the gloves, stockings and lingerie.

We all hope you enjoy this legendary and well aged character port to the third dimension.

Tell us what you think!


Yessssss! I've been wanting someone to do this ever since the mink head came out, and you guys did exceptionally as usual.

1 year, 4 months ago

Then say on behalf of the team - Thank you!

Dogson did a great job and our contribution was really only to round off a few corners and to weave in some personal taste.

1 year, 4 months ago

That is an awesome collab accomplishment! Way to go!

1 year, 4 months ago
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