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Olivia "Jazz" Marley

Olivia is ready for take off!

The 22 year old hawk is born to fly.
She is a professional pilot and is running a small business where she takes people up high above the clouds.

In her spare time she loves to listen to Rock'n Roll and Jazz music which ultimately earned her her nickname "Jazz" from her two best friends Ramona "Rocket" Lou and
Sasha "Skip" Hill

The hotshot fly-girl is piloting the "Love Tyga", the old machine she inherited from her grand father. Together with Ramona and Sasha, the trio managed to get the plane from long days gone ready to roam the skies once again.

So come on board and let's soar!

Credits go out to AntijnvanderGun 's "Stylized WW1 Plane" ( which I used as base model for the plane. I made a few adjustments like deleting some parts, changing textures and general revamps to make it come to live here.

Updated 2024-03-04:
Animation update!

  • Separated rotor and wheels from the plane so that they can be animated for spinning
  • Scarf is now a part
  • Added physics to scarf and changed coloration
  • Texture touch up on pants
Previous versions

I can always tell when it's your work! Exceptional.

A plane? Seriously, now? :

1 year, 2 months ago


I can always tell when it's your work! Exceptional.

A plane? Seriously, now? :

just happened to be that I found a model free to use from the internet ( see credits section). So this time I was lazy and just modified the thing a bit ;)

1 year, 2 months ago
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