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Vjuris size gives space for everyone!

This was spontaneous character. Got her in my head and im like "Gotta make fast!". Wanted a big character, and a fluffy character. Should be obvious that I like hair and fluff and fur and stuff so I went the extra mile. I could go further...

I almost forgot to say that the extra boobs are "Not part of body", meaning at some point in interactions, hopefully, you can switch them off.

Updated 2024-02-04:
-Made for Interaction!

Previous versions

Really like the multiboob and custom offset! Good work!

1 year ago

So, did you ever discovered intelligent life beyond the milky galaxy, worth investing time and energy in establish contact with?

We did come in contact with one, they're at the same level of advancement as we are

So no advancement in technology or what so ever if we did, but you still insist we go forward?



Because their female has multiple tits! Any questions?

Yes, several.

1 year ago

Awesome presentation and style!

"Leave space to us!"

1 year ago
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