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Rue Keighland

so it's Rue a little­ reindeer, half Irish half Welsh but she doesn't drink (SHAME ! irish have the best whiskey in da world !)

Requested by : RaccoonaMatata
Character creator : The-Minuscule-Task

FA link of the artist :

tech stuff and todo :
-make fur, for now i'm not at ease with it so no fur but soon soon.
-expression : i've done the basis but i want to do betterthan that.
-clothes : she need it
-Role play derivative ? i saw play D&D so... she will be part of the RPG derivative i make to couple with the monster hunter character i make (soon colab ? maybe :)

like always i say say soon, but it's more sooner or later ... one day.

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  • First uploaded: 1 year ago
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