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Drone-Queen Kaliah

      ---Between the stars there is a power to challenge, endless suffering and -
 Infinite horror in itself holds, pray that it never gets you life!
Or you will experience what it means to SERVE - "Truly" to serve... (sobbing)

BECAUSE SHE WON'T LET YOU GO ANYMORE!!!! ........she won't let you go anymore.... (whimper) + +

---- last log entry of the colony ship - T.S.S. NADIVIDAD ----

  --- STATUS ---
--- Missing ---

After my previous cute and cartoony figures, I thought I'd try a foray into "DARK FANTASY", not to toot my own horn, but I think SHE will remain one of my masterpieces, a lot of attention to detail went into it.

Had so much fun creating it that I thought of more characters along those lines, because every queen needs her "court"!

Latex - sex (and living sex toys) is anyway always a welcome combination, that will be fun to let them loose on each other.

I made it so that the figures can bend their "ball of foot" up and down and thus adapt to the respective foot situation better, so the standing looks even more natural and I will also add this to my other projects.

It was here and there a few compromises necessary, at the actuators zb. because I still no metode knows the exact anchor point of the elbow or knee to meet.

THE ACTUATOR lighting must first : SWITCHED ON

Unfortunately, I don't manage to "texture" the project as well, there could be so much detail to add - despite various tutorial videos, the subject is just too complicated for me so far.

But I hope you like it!?

Updated 2023-04-29:
In order to further improve their mayesty, optimizations were added from other project experiences.

To save "Draw Cells":
- Actuators were connected at their respective lower extremities.
- Light cones combined into pairs
this further freed up resources for
- Repulsor ankle boots added (now she can fly, simple boots would be too little :D )
- Added jet beam
- the title image brighter
- further luminous effects
- changed the background to "Cinemacope

Previous versions

Holy shit, thats awesome!

Im honestly in disbelief how you managed to get all of this uploaded at all. You must have optimized her really well!

Many great ideas added into her and they fit perfectly.

Love the round background too, neat idea ;)

Good to see you back

1 year ago

Now that's something special but even more so I'm really glad to see you back again.

Congratulations on beating me in basically everything ;)

Love the new style a lot, keep it up! :D

1 year ago

this gives me a Strype vibe, really nice job

1 year ago

Impressive work! I really like the spine!

1 year ago

it's the new xbox ?

(gj i love it and wb =)

1 year ago

insane, great work <3

1 year ago

This is very nice!!

1 year ago

Gonna join the chorus of people amazed by this work. Your attention to detail is incredible, especially when it comes to the staggering amount of Custom Offset expressions.

1 year ago

First of all, a collective "thank you" for the encouraging words!
Exactly the right reactions I wanted to provoke :D

It started with me starting each armor plate from a single face, which turned out to be a passive and active advantage.
Active - I have to struggle with less verticies so I don't lose track and have more control over the shape.
Passive - you save resources with it.

YES YES! from now on we stand in direct competition, I can now not only faces have become much more sure-footed with Blender. :D

Wait until Lola Bunny V. 3 is finished ;)

1 year ago

@ Blacky
But thanks for the great praise!!!!
Has certainly not fallen easily

1 year ago


@ Blacky
But thanks for the great praise!!!!
Has certainly not fallen easily

It's the simple truth and I tip my hat for that. I believe the world needs more credits for a job well done anyway :D

Also, did I manage to create a monster in you?


1 year ago


1 year ago

Sehr Geil :P

1 year ago

Wie Verführerisch und Sexy doch in Form gebrachte Technology sein kann?! ;)

How seductive and sexy in shape can technology be?!

Versuchen eine charakter Serie in dem selbigen Stils zu bauen

Try to build a character series in the same style

1 year ago


Wie Verführerisch und Sexy doch in Form gebrachte Technology sein kann?! ;)

How seductive and sexy in shape can technology be?!

Versuchen eine charakter Serie in dem selbigen Stils zu bauen

Try to build a character series in the same style

da bin ich ja mal gespannt drauf :P
Sieht bis jetzt richtig gut aus

1 year ago
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