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Clairen "The Flame's Salvation" from Rivals of Aether.

Simple, yet full of potential, we decided to pick the iconic panther fencer and bring her from pixel art to the third dimension.

As FurFangGang,
@Craket made her entire body and gave her all the features like the hair and fluff
@Blacky sewed together all the clothes
We both worked on the shape keys for the clothes and the lightsaber as well as the expressions and screenshots to make her come to life in the best way possible.

Tell us what you think! Shes pretty elaborate!


Great job you guys!

1 year ago

i've read Karen of flame and salvation
bring da evil manager !

i immediately know when craket do the body. it got a particular style

1 year ago


i immediately know when craket do the body. it got a particular style

Wow thanks, I wonder what that is tho.

1 year ago

Nice work! Visor and cape look fantastic!

1 year ago


Nice work! Visor and cape look fantastic!

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it ;)

1 year ago
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