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The genesis is a funny story, it was just supposed to be a nice animestyle figure, I wanted to add some jewelry and started with a headband, only it looked more like a sweatband and without planning it or wanting it I was suddenly at the "Legwarmers" and one step chased the next and; Well BACK TO THE 80`s!!!!

Suggestions, wishes, complaints.... Threats in the comments for the rest Have fun with Felizitas

In addition, the appropriate music!

Modern Talking Greatest Hits
Stan Bush - You've Got The Touch!
Scarface - Push it to the limit
Restless Heart

How can I insert web links here, I should finally write this down?


giving me the Sonja Jablonski from heathcliff vibe

10 months ago

Hahahaha! Exactly "Heathcliff" I had in mind, Just did not know the name more; Thank you

I think you meant "Cleo"

10 months ago

You insert web links with by putting the descriptor in square brackets, followed by the address in parentheses:

Link 1

[Link 1](

10 months ago

Aaaah! A big thank you!!

10 months ago


Hahahaha! Exactly "Heathcliff" I had in mind, Just did not know the name more; Thank you

I think you meant "Cleo"

Yeah i knew it was from heath cliff just cant remember the names to faces of every character. been so long since ive watch the show. like Thundercats took me forever to remember the female character Cheetara.

10 months ago
This comment has been removed.

Don't worry, you'll have to google that too ;) .

Oh yes, Thundercat's Leo and Cheetara would tempt me hard to build them, but unfortunately even in the new version, they scrape hard against the "too human" clause.

Unless you use a trick?!.... Hmmm... it would not be impossible?!?

10 months ago
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