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FurryVNE is required to load this character. (Click here to download FurryVNE.)

Sentinel Drone GD-209 "Percht"

Sex: Male
Species: Drako
Identifier: Angelikhan
Capture: SupSector 12/5G

            -Assimilation Program Started-

- Conversion initiated                    -Initiated-
- Augmentation                                -Initiated-
- Isolating Memories...                   -Initiated-
- Isolating Personality...                        -Initiated-
- Upload to Swarm Consciousness  -Initiated-
- Upload...                                               -Completed-
- Creating Backup ...                             -Initiated-
- Backup...                                        -Confirmed-
- Isolate Free Will                               -Initiated-
- Overshift Free Will                             -Confirmed-
- Isolate Memories                            -Initiated-
- Overwrite Memories...                   -Confirmed-
- Overwrite Personality                           -Initiated-
- Overwrite...                                        -82%<- 
- Install Selected Programs                   -Initiated-
- Installing...                                       -37%<-
- Augmentation                                -Completed-
- Assimilation                                - Completed-

New ID : Sentinel Drone/GD-209
Caller Identificationn: PERCHT
New task area: Inner Nexus/King's Guard
Prime directives: 1. preserve the nexus
2. defend the queen
3. serve the queen with all means

The character happens to be an older character because the form is quite appealing and it gets a bit tedious to keep building the facial expressions from 0 up. (the poor bastard got it :D)


BUT it was still a hard piece of work!

The Power Halberd (In the Weapons folder) -to be turned on-
The actuator lighting -to be turned on-

Updated 2023-05-01:
I made a mistake when taking the pictures.

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