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FurryVNE is required to load this character. (Click here to download FurryVNE.)

Service Drone SL-72 "Isu"

Sex: Female
Species: Lagomorph
Identifier: Carina
Capture: Sector 3/A1

            -Assimilation Program Started-

-Conversion Initiated-

- Augmentation              -Initiated-
- Relationship coefficient          -discovered-
- Gemeni probability            -99.9%-
- Belonging to              -Drone SL-73-   
- Isolating Memories...         -Initiated-
- Isolating Personality...      -Initiated-
- Upload to Swarm Consciousness     -Initiated-
- Upload...             -Completed-
- Isolate Free Will         -Initiated-
- Solve Free Will           -Concluded-
- Isolate Memories          -Initiated-
- Overwrite Memories...         -Closed-
- Overwrite Personality         -Initiated-
- Overwrite...              -Initiated-
- Installing...             -37%<-
- Stimulating Pleasure Centers      -+134%-
- Assimilation              -Completed-

New call identifier:    Service Drone/SL-72
New call identifier:    Isu
New task area:      Standard Voluptuousness Model

Another Dronen Charkater is as far as time allows ready, I have more ideas in the direction and they get again in a short time a sister!

Have this time tried the desing something rounder and thus more feminine designed the danger is there; it should fit the concept, but you have to be careful in the desing not to repeat too much.

I know the alcove is still a bit undertextured, but ... I just don't know what to do at the moment.

Service Drone Sin

Suggestion - Wishes - Complaints - Threats
in the comments!
Have fun with ISU !


was hast du denn da gebaut :D
echt nice ^^_

11 months, 4 weeks ago

Freut mich zu Hören!
JAja die Figuren alleine reichen allmählich nicht mehr :D, sobald Customs Maps Implementier sind - Whuuuu gehts Los!
Sofern ich das mit den texuriern Hinbekommen.

11 months, 4 weeks ago
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