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Qhala Serpentia

The product of a lengthy ritual, Qhala Serpentia was born daughter of a priestess and the sole child of a long forgotten god. Hailed as herald and harbinger of her fathers return, Qhala had spent the majority of her youth under the tutelage of her mother, leaning all that would be required of her in service of her father, known only as "The Serpent God."

As days passed into weeks and weeks into months, Qhala only truly began her lessons once she'd come of age, learning of the exact role she'd play in her fathers return... to which she embraced it with open arms.

Born for her role, Qhala finds herself naturally gifted and a fast learner, coming easily to terms with the challenges thrust upon her. It was of no surprise, least of all to her mother, that Qhala had passed all manner of tests set against her and had well paved the way for her to assume her mothers role as High Priestess. This was however not to be.

Informed by her father of the plan he'd set forth for her, Qhala underwent one final ritual - a secretive rite that, once completed, fused a series of runic enchantments across the surface of her body. The last of her tasks finished, there was only one final mission left for her: To spread the word of her father's return... and to spread his cult to the farthest reaches of the known world.

Born with the grace and frame of her mother's generous form, Qhala now treks foreign lands, wasting no time in speaking, converting, and asserting others to and from her faith.

With little than the clothes on her back, Qhala finds all manner of methods to pay for transportation, commonly as an entertainer, and almost always as a sexual one.

The children of gods can have their own fun, can't they?

Qhala belongs to "RatherDevious "

Updated 2024-02-27:
Animation update!

  • Fixed hood decals and smoothing mask
  • Fixed tail ring sizes and adjusted them
  • Reworked dress so it now consists out of a garment section with bra and two parts for the front and back
  • Added physics to tail and dress
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Best derivative

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Best derivative

Certainly glad to hear such strong words when I have a Krystal inside my portfolio as well.
Thanks a lot! :D

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