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Tag Tyler

Tag Tyler, is a popular DJ with the alias "Echo Gecko" in the entertainment district.
He is known for break and lofi beats, and every now and then he puts up a mesmerizing song as a surprise for his audience.

He takes jobs at lower level venues as he prefers a crowd of younger people not from the district.

One night, he got invited to be the DJ of a rich party at the top of a known skyscraper, and at that night he realized what kind of crowd he rather make and mix music for. And so, he is an escape to listeners seeking solace from their own hardships of this beautiful dystopian world.

Initial character setup, clothes and textures made by @Blacky

General design decisions, character polish, expressions and screenshots made by @Craket

Tag Tyler is our first Original character and was inspired by "Friends VS Friends" game from a first glance. We are likely to make more original characters since it was a refreshing thing to do.

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