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Sending request ...
You need to use the in-app browser inside FurryVNE to load this character.
Simply click "Cloud > Open" to access the cloud from within the app.
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Jezzel (HTH)

Jezzel from High Tail Hall Studios.

We figured, the well known husky lady would be a great project for the team and here we are, directly from another time of the internet, making a real throwback come alive in the third dimension!

As FurFangGang:

@Alt-Tab got us started with the base of her body, the offsets, the parts as the tail and ears as well as the textures and coloration.

@Craket continued on that basis, refined the body, brushed up the entire fur, added fluff as well as the hair and custom nipples.
He also made her come to life with the screenshots and the major amount of expressions

@Blacky continued the expression work and stitched together her dress and all the other iconic assets like the glasses, the collar and her shoes.

we hope you like the end result of that little request, leave us a comment down below.

The original character belongs to Crowchild and HTH Studios.

Updated 2023-07-13:
- Changed coloration of the tongue

Updated 2024-03-08:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to ears, tail and the dress-laces by @Blacky
  • Tail rework by @Alt-Tab also sponsoring the new fur noise
  • General fur and fluff touch up and new screenshots by @Craket
Previous versions

Great work all of you!

1 year ago

One of my favorites on here! It seems the ears don't load correctly anymore though. Would appreciate a fix!

4 months, 2 weeks ago


She should be fixed now, sorry for the late reply but also thanks for the praise :D !

3 months, 3 weeks ago
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  • First uploaded: 1 year ago
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