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Millanna Meany

"OUKIKI ... i mean Major Millanna Meany report on duty !"

Hand to Hand combat instructor, Millanna nicknamed "Iwazaru" by the recruits.
Legend say she can break a skull with her biceps, and her fist break the wall of sound ! apparently she took the first recruit who look at her chest for "practice" training as a demonstration of this unbelievable capacity...

well ... that was quite hard ! maybe i do too much at one time.
this is one of a serie of 3 Monkeys "the 3 wise monkey", the 2 other are not even start since i've a lot todo before start them.

anyway i hope she will get a good welcome =)

some tech stuff now :
-that's my first attempts of background, and i get quite in a rush. but the render is not that bad ! (it's the stage of Guile of Street fighter 6)
- since she have practically the same garment i made some iconic poses of guile for her
-she have some unused poses it's for futures updates
-i tried a lot of new stuff in blender and FVNE starting from the hair to some fur authoring (but i maybe got a bit too timid with the last one ^^' )
-speaking of new, i get into blender material shading, it's incredibly exhausting but you can have pretty goot result, all her procedural texture are from it. (the camo or the rubber for the boot for exemple)
-as usual clothes are made in blender and marvelous designer, for the bunny buns logo it's just my drawing and some gimp things. (pretty bad i know but hey that do the job !)


Master Oogway has entered the chat

9 months, 2 weeks ago


Master Oogway has entered the chat

wasn't expecting you there !

9 months, 2 weeks ago
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