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Ceadeus from the Monster Hunter Tri video game!

For this legendary dragon elder we traveled to the watery depths beneath Moga village and the literal edge of FurryVNE to make her come alive. With a total project time of half a year from the initial idea including the planning phase and nearly a full month of actual work time among the gang this is probably the most time consuming projects we ever faced.

As FurFangGang:

@AltTab went all out on sculpting the horns, fins, tail, hood and some really extraordinary nipples as well as making normal maps and textures for the entire body and parts. He also came up with the idea of making a full helmet head replacing the original head shape.

@Blacky made the initial model and color palate, figured out how to bind the various body parts to the body with different smoothing and exclusion masks, made the shape keys for the tail and head and finally made her come to life with expressions and poses.

We both continued to refine each others work, spend a really long time to figure out how the hood could work and now we finally figured it is time to set her free to the world.

With that said, we are looking forward to your comments and what you think of the big girl.


How u installed own HDRI map?

8 months ago


How u installed own HDRI map?

We used a big flat plane with a PBR layer that served us as background, creating the illusion of a underwater scene.

5 months, 3 weeks ago
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