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Sending request ...
You need to use the in-app browser inside FurryVNE to load this character.
Simply click "Cloud > Open" to access the cloud from within the app.
(Click here to download FurryVNE.)


"That barely worked... I hope I'm not too late..."

Sybil from the video game called Pseudoregalia.
We stumbled across this character request and felt instantly hooked by her so we buckled up and brought her to life for you!

As FurFangGang:

@Craket was responsible for the entire character design like body shape, hair, coloration, fur and fluff as well as for the presentation with custom backgrounds and screenshots. He also designed the majority of the expression loadout.

@Blacky designed all the iconic assets starting from simple things like hair ties, over to the most iconic in game outfits and of course the quite unique weapon. He also made different outfit combinations possibly by using shape keys and adding all the garment layer over layer so you would have a multitude of possible outfits for you to choose.

We hope you enjoy her as much as we do while working on her, drop us a comment below how you find her."


angry weapon logic noise

10 months ago

Having played Psuedoregalia myself, I have to say this game has some interesting ideas.

-Create a hybrid 3D platformer/Metroidvania game with a heavy emphasis on mobility.

-Make the player character a female furry with powerful legs and a great sword/crucifix/tonfa weapon.

-Make her more caked up than a bakery.

And most important of all:

-Have it be canon that she spends the entire adventure pantsless.

5 months, 3 weeks ago


4 months, 3 weeks ago
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