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Kate Northwood

Nothrwood twins are well known for their diligent studying and their endless thirst for knowledge.
Their shared curiosity about genetics and bioscience and their excellent grades opened an opportunity to study at the most praised institution, Furry VNE University!
To stay on their good grades the siblings must work hard but their family's strong libido might bring trouble to their spotless reputation.

Katharine Northwood is the female of the twin siblings and like her brother, they both are a bit shy and introverted.
For some reason, they both tend to get a good deal of attention from their fellow students.
Kate has had her moments of wandering looks at the locker room and frisky smacks to the behind by sports chads.
She does not think much of these hints but as the semester goes by, her repressed frustration tells that she needs an outlet.

If you find any errors or suggestions let me know!
I really hope you all like her!

Updated 2024-02-03:
- Fixed clothing
-New hair
-Physics on ponytail
-Interactions ready

Updated 2024-02-05:
-Physics for tail and ears
-Fixed body exclusion maps

Previous versions

huge work on garments =O
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ summon blacky !

10 months ago


huge work on garments =O
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ summon blacky !

Thanks! It was a lot of work to get the garments right but i also learned how to sculpt them to fit different body shapes.

10 months ago
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