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Age: 26

Sex/Gender: female

Fighting Style: combination of sumo, erotic, heavyweight and acrobatic wrestling

Personality: Mystical Princess; kind, enthusiastic, very wise for her age, face (good guy) wrestler

Meet Kimiko, the Princess of the Oceans!

She is a wrestler in the Yiff Battle Arena, an erotic fighting league/wrestling promotion where sex and violence combine into an orgy of variou forms of sexual combat and combative sex. kimiko is one of, if not the heaviest fighter in the YBA's roster, and the girl knows how to throw her weight around! Don't be fooled by her appearance though, there is a powerful and athletic body hiding underneath all that blubber. Kimiko is surprisingly agile and acrobatic for her weight and body type, which frequently catches her opponents off guard. When it comes to either fighting or fucking, this orca is no fish out of water!

Kimiko's big finisher is the crowd pleasing Tsunami Splash, in which she drags her opponent to a corner of the ring, climbs the ropes and performs a handstand split upon the top rope, then finally drops ass first on top of her opponent. Depending on the type of match, she may then proceed to rut, grind or straight up fuck her now flattened victim.

Whew! Finally got around to start learning how to use this app! I'd like an outfit for Kimiko but I'm not up to learning how to use Blender as well, so if anybody feels like making her some clothes, go right ahead. Personally I envision her in a skimpy outfit consisting of silk straps and gold clasps and jewelry including a tiara, like a dancer.

Updated 2023-10-21:
Update: Adjusted the white patches between the legs and added arm fins, puffy nipples, some pussy blush, teeth, more poses and more lore:

Weight: 800+ lbs

Likes: seafood, making friends, sex, exploring and learning about the world outside the ocean

Dislikes: cheating, fighting dirty, injustice, closed-mindedness

Kimiko actually is a real princess from an undersea kingdom in the Pacific Ocean. Dutiful but cheerful, charming and open-minded, she has come to help build relationships between the aquatic and land dwelling species with the diplomatic method known as "diplomacy through fornication." Upon learning of the YBA and the activities there, she decided it was the perfect place to achieve that goal, viewing it as a place where people come together to enjoy the universal pleasure of raunchy sexual competition.

Updated 2023-10-29:
Added proper heart decals, made more detailed areolas, and added a wolf victim for the Tsunami Splash.

Updated 2023-12-23:
Slightly reduced breast size to make wrestling more viable, along with some small adjustments.

Updated 2024-01-21:
Removed props, deleted unused assets, ready for interactions.

Updated 2024-02-03:
Had to rework poses post update. kimiko is now ready for interactions!

Updated 2024-02-03:
Replaced teeth parts with appendage teeth.

Previous versions

Good first entry! Also really fun lore!

8 months, 1 week ago

Oh she's a beaut! Charming character, i like her a lot. Great work my man

7 months ago
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