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Raziel - Soul Reaver

And again Halloween stands before the door, In addition there is again a Thematically fitting Charkter of me.

And "Kain" has plucked this bird pretty much but it ponders on revenge!

Raziel Theme

Thus spoke the Elder God:

     RAZIEL - You are, Worthy!

...Become my Soul Reaver, my Angel of Death!"

The beak I could not hide under the cloth, that would not have worked, so I have this built into the desing open with.
A few elements are still "not quite perfect" or needed extended possibilities in the app but for the first I think it is quite well done?

SWF Charkter
Honestly, for Raziel "Physical Pleasures" are only a pale memory. :D

A strange error has unfortunately crept in which I could not fix so far.
The head anchor point is a few cm behind the place where it should be!

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