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Queen Nefertari

Every powerful ruler, famous conqueror of worlds or even the eternal demon would be nothing without a queen by his side.

The arch demon of desire, Asmodeus laid his eyes upon one of the most beautiful woman among all realms and made her his own, promising her a eternal life without aging from the point when she would take his hand in exchange for her loyalty and her soul.

She accepted...

Updated 2024-02-12:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to tail, ears, hair and her dress
  • Minor cleanup

Updated 2024-02-20:
Cat tail update

Updated 2024-03-22:
- Exposed Cape for better control
- Disabled Background
- Made some bones on the tail inert to prevent clipping with the jewelry

Previous versions

wow very impressive @Blacky :P

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Good to see more Egyptians! Nice work with garments shape keys!

7 months, 2 weeks ago
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  • First uploaded: 7 months, 2 weeks ago
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