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FurryVNE is required to load this character. (Click here to download FurryVNE.)

Queen - Bee-lzebub


Beelzebub presents herself as a highly extroverted and energetic party girl. With her lively attitude, she keeps a bright environment for her guests, allowing them to heavily indulge in food and alcohol, such as her beelzejuice.

She is also shown to be competitive when challenging Blitzo to a drinking contest, but shows respect to him when losing. She has shown to care about others' well-being and also concern for her guests, and does not like it when they indulge for self destructive reasons.

Whuuu! that was another hard piece of work but - done!

Fortunately, I was able to adopt a lot of Loona's mimics and didn't have to start from scratch.
I hope that in future iterations of FVNE the multiblen -arm pairs- like "tail" and "hair" can be controlled more specifically.

And again, the "emotions" are unfortunately only available in addition (but in large numbers):
Emotion PACK


Ziemlich Bund, gefällt mir !!

Steckt sicher viel Zeit dahinter das so umzusetzen ;)

4 months ago

Ja - sobalt man endlich begriffen hat welche Knöpfe man drücken muss, wird das Modellieren immer leichter und nur noch von der eigenen Phantasie Begrenzt.

Hui hui! Dogson und Odes, die beiden haben was bei mir losgeretten, damit hätte ich vor eineinhalb jahren noch nicht mal entfehrnt träumen können wass inzwischen möglich ist!
Bin schon ganz gespannt auf die (zwar noch in weiterer fehrne) CUSTOM-Maps, bin auch in der richtung auch recht fleißig.

4 months ago

Nice implementation of the character. I really do like the belly lavalamp!

3 months, 3 weeks ago

With all the long monster cocks here, this could still become a problem.
:D :D :D

3 months, 3 weeks ago
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