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Male Elite

The Elite from the Halo games, or more accurately, the Sangheili. This one is a lot more proof of concept than my Jackal & Skirmisher. I think he looks OK, but he's got some issues & needs a lot more polish.

For one, I need to figure out how to do real mandibles. The current placeholder ones can't be animated so his mouth is always closed. Maybe rigging them & using them as a cloth object might work? I don't know how to do all that yet.

The feet are kinda mangled. Might need to model a foot object that can cover them up cleaner, or maybe just use a better original foot model for the custom offset.

Other than that, it probably just needs some detail work here & there. I think it has potential, but I don't currently have the skill or patience for a lot of it, so I'll upload as is for now just to show that a Sangheili can be done (For the most part).

Updated 2024-01-01:
Fixed & tweaked a few things. Hands should be a bit better to pose as well.

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