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Fox Femboy

Fox Femboy from Yiffalicious.

I wanted to remake some of the old skins I made for Yiffalicious in FurryVNE, but saw that Fox Femboy was still missing. I'll probably use this as a base for remaking some of those!

Tried to be just about as accurate as possible to the original design, with a couple touch-ups here & there like adding claws & some fluff in the ears.


I seem to be getting a bug where randomly when loading the character, the "WhiteBits" folder in Layers seems to be moving on its own, hiding the "anus" & "mouth" layers. If it happens to you, just right click the "WhiteBits" folder & move it up a few times so the Layers render properly.

Updated 2024-01-07:
Minor tweaks & improvements. Some more user expressions.

Updated 2024-02-03:
Updated for interactions! Added some gloves & leggings as a nice optional bonus too.

Previous versions

At long last! I can't believe various characters from the first game are still missing

So he's is finally here, performing for you

3 months, 1 week ago


At long last! I can't believe various characters from the first game are still missing

So he's is finally here, performing for you

Maybe I'll remake some of the other missing ones like Finn sometime.

3 months, 1 week ago

Looks really good! I endorse it atleast.

3 months, 1 week ago


Looks really good! I endorse it atleast.

Thank you! That means a lot.

3 months, 1 week ago
This comment has been removed.

Hey very nice work @Ninjamurai
Looks very successful!!

3 months, 1 week ago
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