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Steward Kealoha

Introducing Steward "Big Blue" Kealoha, the Polynesian Dragon Daddy!

Steward is one of the biggest and most imposing wrestlers in the erotic fighting/wrestling promotion, Yiff Battle Arena. The 39-year-old dragon fights primarily with heavy-weight power style wrestling with emphasis on sexually dominating and taking control of his opponents. He is as much of a threat at wrestling as he is at sex, thanks to his large, heavy stature and strong girthy cock. Whichever they try, fighting or fucking, his opponents are guaranteed a rough time.

Despite his size and appearance, Steward is one of the friendliest and most laid-back members of YBA, making him very popular with the audience who just loves watching him plow (and occasionally get plowed by) his adversary into submission or even better, to climax.

Updated 2024-02-03:
Readjusted claws and poses, ready for interactions.

Updated 2024-02-03:
Realized I hadn't colored the tongue.

NOTE: Re-enable mirroring on brows and hair.

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