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"Oh I'm so glad you came in today! Let me introduce our new girl who started working here this week: meet Penny the lemon shark!

Penny is the young new girl working at the local brothel. Though she is chipper and tries her best at staying positive and giving her customers a good time, inside she is extremely worried and anxious. Not just of the obvious risk of getting pregnant but also due to feeling insecure about her body due to having to work along side tall, beautiful and busty women, despite the fact that all her Johns were always happy and satisfied with her. That and the fact that she never got the memo that thicc cute girls are sexy now.

Actually Penny is a 22-year-old college student who's in her third year and big trouble. She spent way too much money on booze, partying and hobbies and now can't afford rent or barely any groceries, forcing her to get a job. Unfortunately all the decent and even semi-decent jobs were all taken by other students, leaving her with only one option: the worlds oldest profession. Thankfully she managed to land a job in one of the more reputable and fair brothels, where she now works while trying to keep up with her studies. While this may all sound terrible, it's nothing compared to what will happen if her parents find out that she blew a year's worth of her college fund in only three months.

And yes, Penny is fully aware of the irony of her situation; that the point of going to college was so that she would not have to resort to selling her body to get by.

So please, be nice with her, okay?

This is my first time working with fluff groups, so Penny's hair is a bit of a mess.

Updated 2024-02-16:
Added arm fins with their own piercings, added shine on the tail, adjusted nipple rings.

Updated 2024-02-29:
Fixed tail and piercings after update, new screenshots in a more appropriate location.

Previous versions

that lore.. I didn't get these tissues just to cry into ;p
nice character, I like the piercings

5 months, 1 week ago

She's precious .

5 months, 1 week ago
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