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Haffr, half sister to Mjum. All used up, exhausted looking and continues to beat Mjum in the love making department. Unlike Mjum, Haffr is not picky.

Updated 2020-08-11:
-Changed her fur texture, and added detailmask for fur.
Previously, her fur had a shine which also affected the fluff appendages. Now she should look a lot more soft and consistent.

Updated 2020-11-16:
-added fur
x did not remove fluff
-General Proportions have been re-sized
She seems to work well with fur and the fluff

Updated 2021-08-08:
-Custom Offset new Face and some bodyparts
-Fluff detailing

Previous versions

Time to go make some use of the new stuff

2 years ago

Really cool character. I love what you did with the clothing and poses.

Good job! :)

2 years ago
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  • First uploaded: 2 years ago
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