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Sending request ...
FurryVNE is required to load this character. (Click here to download FurryVNE.)

Axelie Angle

Her name is Axelie Angle, she is ... an axolotl... yeah.
be sure axolotl of questions, because she love talking !
and she talk a lot ... maybe too much, and she is expressive... maybe too much.

Important :
if you want the bio luminescence put the EMISSION slider to 1 (in color and in part gill and tail), no other choice unfortunately.

Next update :
-Garment (oversized pull over and shorty inc. maybe a swimsuit ? make a comment about it !)
-Custom expression (@FurryVNE_Team one are good, but she quite have a heavily modified offset, and the lack of eyebrown make her a bit inexpressive with them)
- an Axe, because SOMEONE don't like those adorable red eyes, he need punishment ! èwé

Criticism are always welcome.
Special thanks to @Static_snowflake for helping me with the color choices

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