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Jack Rayne

First character.

Jack Rayne is a 25 year old male jackrabbit with hybrid qualities. Attributed to a canine father that his mother had a potential fling with. He is the tallest among his 6 brothers and sisters. The hare is a striking figure among his own kind, with a rare growth that puts him above 7 feet tall, including other... developmental factors.

Living in the city was rough though, for someone as poor as his family. Jack had to work the streets, using his street smarts and quick wit to navigate the challenges of his neighborhood. Eventually ended up in a gang for a while and ended up becoming a proprietor of a club.

Updated 2024-04-03:
Adjusted height and proportions a tad bit and altered the penis size.

Updated 2024-04-08:
Had to fix a clipping issue with sheath

Previous versions

great first upload! lots of personality!

2 months ago
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