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Alex the witch

Alex the witch flies by to wish you happy Halloween!
He has a lot of tricks prepared for you so don´t forget the treats!

You can disable skirt and broom from parts.
You can disable bra frame and bra inner from textures.

If you find any errors or suggestion let me know!
I really hope you all like it

Updated 2020-11-09:
Fixed textures

Updated 2023-10-31:
Complete rework of the character

It is time for Halloween and Alex is once again bringing the spooks and boners to you as she wears her remade costume, the witch! She might be a bit too old for trick or treating but that does not stop her from flying by and waving her "wand".

But don´t forget, she has a lot of tricks prepared for you so don´t forget the treats!

Happy Halloween!

Updated 2024-02-04:
- Fixed clothing
-Fixed smoothmask
-Floppy shape
-Interactions ready

Note: Props disabled

Updated 2024-02-05:
-Physics for tail and ears
-Fixed body exclusion maps

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