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Newt. A Jaguar\Fox Hybrid. abandoned by his mother who was forced to conceive when taken by ravaged pirates. He grew up by the sea learning to survive on his own. we was keen as well as strong. since he was a mix of both canine and feline, no one respects him due to the war between the two races within the lands in witch he lives in. a cursed child they called him. by the age of 24 the burdened Newt hides his sorrows in the only thing he was able to learn to do, he became a thief a very good one at that too. quiet and agile. keen and quick. and tho he was half fox and was more frail than a normal jaguar. his powerful claws and fangs can ward off most encounters with troublemakers. so after many home invasions, bank robberies, and even many wealthy one night stands. he was able to acquire a ship of his own. legal papers to leave the hell he was in for good and finally find more joy in his life out in the world. this character i made out of the blue. from what i imagine. there's still a lot i still need to do for him. but once i figure out how to properly import mesh, maps, objects all that jazz, the more he will come alive. like I want him to have a partial arm, missing fingers. Scars! so many things i can do with this application...once it comes i hope

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