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"Let the music and gaz play." ../

Updated 2020-09-06:
- new teeth
- new claws
- 3d clothes
- piercing
- others

Some parts are disable ;) Edit: Only cigar ;)

Updated 2020-09-09:
1) Polygons reduction (teeth, jewelry, baseball bat): now it works faster :) (90 fps without clothes on my graphic card: ultra settings ) .
2) Delete fluffgroup on clothes ( there was some problems with it :/ )

Updated 2020-09-10:
Materials (metalnes)

Updated 2021-01-08:
I don't want to litter cloud but there are too much changes and work so... XD
-optimization ( I reduced triangles and draw calls. Now should be total playable :D )
-new body (bigger breasts, narrower spine, bigger legs and feet :D )
-deleted hair from parts and wear (waiting for update :))
-new tattoos on back
-add fur

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