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Piper challenges your Feline gaze!

About time I did a Rat character

CURRENTLY BUGGED NIPPLES (Will update in the future)

Updated 2021-06-01:
-Enabled the Hip fluff And a new Screenshot
Thanks for the feedback guys

Updated 2021-06-02:
-Reduced her overall size to better fit the rodent stereotype and size relationship with my other characters
-Proportionally fixed the masks with her new size
-Put fur on her ears

Updated 2021-08-04:
-New Face (Stronger Nose ridge)
-Replaced Ears for the new MouseEars
-New Nipps
-All fluff is bigger now (Due to adding custom offsett, but I like them bigger)

Previous versions

Very nice ;)

I really admire your fluff and fur authoring work! Also nice colors!

I think with the Hip Fluff enabled she looks better and way more complete since it's quite similar to the shoulder fluff so I would definitely enable those!

1 year ago

The hip fluff is great. I think it's a nice touch.

1 year ago
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