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Niamh O'Brien

"Heeeelloooo guys!
My name's Niamh, 22 years old and I'm a real Irish girl ;)

Well, my dad's not directly from Ireland but the "Sea-lord" from England which makes me some kind of a princess I guess but I don't care about such stuff anyway :)

What I do care about is my half-sister Tallulah and my brother Stiofan. Maybe you know them already? The're both here for quite a while so I decided to join in to have some fun too!

Speaking of which:
I looooove oral sex and I'm a pretty submissive person between the sheets despite my bubbly character. I can be dominant if I meet a cute girl like Fabienne and I had a lot of fun with my dear sister but most of the time I'd like to play the passive part :)"

Updated 2021-06-23:
Alright, update time for my special one and it is quite a lot!

  • Slightly reworked the head scales with new masks

  • Tilted her hair a bit to create some more volume

  • Changed the tail model to shark and added two small fins to it. Also new thickness masks on the tail.

-Added a back fin with thickness mask

  • Added new transparent ruffle garments on her hands and feet

-Added new fin garments on her wrist/ lower arms

-New poses and pictures of course

I feel a lot more satisfied with the new style and she looks a lot more like Tallulah what is what I wanted since they are siblings.

Updated 2021-08-17:
About time to finally do something with her so here you go!
This is almost a complete rework so I've got some big changes for you:

I would consider her fully equipped for now with pretty much every resource used up.

-Removed the Head-Scales object. It is now "integrated" into her basic shape. This is what custom offsets can do! Also slightly changed her face to make her look a bit more unique and younger.

-Added thickness to the head and also a bit more color as well as some more dots.

-I had to remove the beads on her shaft because it caused trouble with the "hide shaft" option. Will re-implement those if there is a solution for the issue in the future.

-Changed her root scale. She is now smaller.

-Antennae are no longer garments but objects so you can pose those too as well as the frills on her head

-Moved the ruffles on her ankles up so they won't interfere with the new shoes.

-Added a choker
-Added a bra/bikini
-Added a blouse
-Added some panties (not perfect but she has balls...what should I do :P)
-Added a skirt with a shape key to reveal her shaft (I know it can cause bad clipping but that's how dresses and skirts work ATM)
-Added shoes
-Added new nipples
-New poses

As always all garments work with or without each other so you can go in and stack everything or strip her naked.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do and stay tuned for more content.

Updated 2021-11-03:
- Nipple-Update
- Backface-culling added to the skirt and blouse

Updated 2021-12-24:
Picture update

Updated 2022-04-01:
Expression update
Adjusted skirt shape keys

Updated 2022-09-16:
- Fixed several clothing bugs
- added breathing
- recolored panties
- new poses

Updated 2024-02-07:
Animation update!

  • Reworked her hair to be a part
  • Added physics to hair, frills, antennae, flippers and tail
  • Reworked bikini shape according to new hide balls bind

Updated 2024-02-20:
Adjusted Shark tail and coloration of it

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