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Naomi "Ace" Blake

Uhm, Hi!

I am Naomi, 24 years old and a little special girl on hooves because I am a unicorn!

I have a pretty normal live though. I am a very kind and caring soul, but...I moved out of my parents house not too long ago and now that I have my own four walls I really want to find out all the dirty little things about myself! Deep down I long for some really hard sex!

Maybe you can help me with that... :P

One of my most desired fantasy's would be some kind of forced deepthroat with a serious cock. Maybe you could tie up my hands behind my back and put me on a leash or something? ;)

I definitely want to try out some anal too, so tell me about your desires and I think we will come along quite well :)

See you soon!

Updated 2021-07-23:
So Ace also joins the jacket-gang since I had a few triangles left on her. There you go!

Updated 2021-08-29:
Got a big one here for Naomi for sure so let's go for it!

What bothered me the most was the last update in which I gave her that jacket but nothing to combine it with. Looked just super odd...well that changed now:

-Added Pants
-Added a set of see through lingerie
-Added new nipples
-Refined the crop-top and the hot-pants
-Ears can now be moved in pose mode

As always all clothes can be combined with each other or put on in layers without major clipping for most poses.

Her limit is also reached so I call her finished for now.
ell me what you think of her and till next time!


Updated 2021-11-04:
- Nipple-Update
- Added missing AO-layers.
- Changed root scale she was way to small in comparison to
the rest of the gang especially for a equine.
- Backface-Culling to the garments.
- Changed the topology of the jacket and improved
textures/normals to make it way better.
- Changed color of the collar details to gold.
- Changed her eyelash color to a darker orange tone.

Updated 2021-12-23:
Little jacket tweaking and picture changing

Updated 2022-05-04:
Expression update

Updated 2022-10-26:
-Added breathing
-Improved jacket
-fixed all bugs concerning binding poses and clothes not covering fur

Updated 2024-02-07:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to ears and tail
  • General brush up
Previous versions

Those garments look really good!

2 years, 11 months ago


Those garments look really good!

Thanks a lot, always a pleasure to create something you folks enjoy ;)

2 years, 11 months ago
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