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Roxane "Roxy" Foxx

Here comes Roxy!

She is the 20th character I made and since it's now a year that I work with Furry VNE I went all out once more.

"Hey there my soon-to-be-victim :P

I'm Roxane, but it's Roxy for most of the time ;)

I'm just a simple 23 year old bartender fox girl who's throwing bottles around when you guys finished with your daily jobs. I really enjoy the company of all the people comin' and goin' one stays for me, so I decided to give it a shot with this dating platform. A good friend of mine told me that's where the hot stuff is running around so here I am!

When I have my day off there's only one way to spend it: naked with a cock in my holes all the time! I'm a mean bitch but I don't care and as long as you are willing to give me a ride the whole day, hell, let's just do it!

I'm no girlfriend material tough!

Just to be clear: we have fun, you go. That works best for both of us, believe me.

Okey-dokey, if there are any questions left: now's the time. Otherwise: let's fucking rock! ;* "

Updated 2021-11-07:
Bringing back Roxy with a big blast!


-Reworked Pants
-Reworked Stocking
-Changed the look of her top completely
-Added Boots
-Added Coat
-Changed the color of her Glasses
-exposed parts for pose mode
-Changed fur shading, smoothness and some small things to
make her look better.

Updated 2021-12-24:
Picture update

Updated 2022-05-04:
Expression update

Updated 2022-10-30:
- reworked clothes in terms of binding
- added shape keys to the coat, top and glasses
- added denim texture to the pants
- adjusted fur
- improved expressions

Updated 2024-02-15:
Animation update!

  • Added physics to tail and ears
  • glasses are now a part to move around
  • re-positioned paws
  • minor touch ups
Previous versions

Woah, awesome! Shes very cute, the clothing is awesome! and nice colours! Good going, the clothing especially.

2 years, 9 months ago


Thanks a ton! So glad to her some kind words from the master of fluff and fur!

I really do profit a lot from the garment system and it's always fun to do more fancy stuff like those here but it takes time like hell :P

Still improving though!

2 years, 9 months ago

JA! Das ist Ganz Klar dein Stil! ; )

1 year, 5 months ago
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  • First uploaded: 2 years, 9 months ago
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