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Dale "Drumstick" Jackson

"Yo ladies, hope you all do fine!
The name's Dale and I'm a 37 year old rooster searching for some good company.
I figured you want to hear A small story about myself so here I go:

I learned to play the drums when I was like 5 years or so and that's why I've always been called "Drumstick" (not only because of my legs).

Back in the good old days, I believe it was 1997 I started a career as a race car driver and some even called me a "legend" until I quit in late 2007.

Since then I did some smaller jobs here and there until I got recognized by that shark guy who told me he is in search for a drummer for his band and if I would consider to join in and play some power metal. Well I guess it's time for old drumstick to shine again!"

Like always there's still work in progress so stay tuned!

Updated 2021-08-04:
Wohoo, the rooster has his outfit for the big stage!

Oh and don't worry, the overalls are still there and enabled when you load him. The jacket, pants and overalls are clipping with each other but in pose mode you can enable/disable those parts to your liking.

-Added glasses
-Added a leather jacket
-Added jeans
-New nipples

I'm planning on adding a actual drum kit. Time will tell how long this would take but stay tuned!

Updated 2021-08-28:
What's up folks, finally managed to find myself some time work a bit on Dale again:

-Added the announced drum kit for him! It's pretty much low poly so I managed to add it within his body triangles. It also features the logo of the band :D

-Added some drumsticks so Dale will be able to play those drums properly.

-Changed his root size quite a lot, he was way to small in comparison with the rest of the band. I considered him as a rather tall guy.

-Small changes to the jacket and pants to improve binding but there are a lot poses where the pants do really annoying stuff. I decided for myself to let it be until we know how clothes will work inside the animation system. However it works for certain poses quite well so yeah...nothing to improve here for now.

Guess I call him finished for now.

Updated 2021-11-04:
-Added Backface culling to the garments
-Improved texture/normal on the jacket
-Added ball inflation
-Larger dick

Updated 2021-12-24:
Picture update

Updated 2022-07-02:
Expressions, less man-boobs and bit of clothes rework for the drummer of the band!

Updated 2024-02-15:
Animation update

  • Added physics to the rooster crest
  • Adjusted glasses
  • Adjusted feathers
  • General touch up
Previous versions

Waat! This is awesome! I like how some body proportions are exaggerated, like his arms, which make them look more like wings.

great stuff!

2 years, 10 months ago


Ah, thank you so much! Glad you like him.

I figured I do something a bit more fancy and guess what: It worked!
Also more males for my roster >:)

2 years, 10 months ago

Du hast immer so erfrischende Ideen ;D

2 years, 10 months ago


Danke dir! Ich geb mein Bestes um ein bisschen rauszusteche ;)

2 years, 10 months ago

Stop with the actually good clothing, please! lol

2 years, 9 months ago


Stop with the actually good clothing, please! lol

Do I hear...envy over there? ;)

No need to be, you are already the master of fluff and fur and I want to become the master of garments. Besides, this whole furryVNE thingy has become way more to me than a simple editor for sexy content.

I try to think outside the box. You create aliens and I try to create a rock band. Chase your dreams and never stop!

2 years, 9 months ago
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