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Julius "Lord" Sinclair

"Hello my fellow fans, ladys and gentlemen alike, may I introduce myself?

I am Julius, 34 years old and I originate from Edinburgh, Scotland but moved to Ireland when I was a little boy.

When my old friend Stevie informed me that he would try to establish a band I simply had to answer his call. He can be such an unorganized troublemaker and he needs a genius mastermind like myself if this project should bear fruit while we are still alive.

Speaking of myself I am able to play not only keyboard and piano but am also a formidable guitarist. Writing songs and stories is my passion ever since so there simply is no way he can do this without me.

Now in terms of sexual activities my taste is a bit special. I'm not interested in only one particular thing. Being a lion there is always one goal in life: have a own harem. With some groupies that would be easy to accomplish, but I am also very interested in some handsome guys.

Updated 2021-08-25:
Quick update for Julius fixing his eyes but also one rather big thing:

I changed the hair shader back to PBR and found a way to do my own hair shader setup which I do believe will use more frequently in the future.
It's a combination of hair texture and normal map which you can of course use for your own as well :)
I really like how it looks now and I think it really adds up a lot to the character.
Tell me what your thinking and as always thanks for your votes and stay tuned for more!

Updated 2021-08-30:
Finally Julius also reaches his final form like I envisioned him:

-Changed a few bones to make him taller (longer legs,pelvis and spine)
-Added his keyboard called "Holopainen"
-Added glasses
-Added shorts/swimming trunks
-Changed the hair yet again, now with fur shader. That's how I wanted him to look like from the very beginning, but completely forgot that sheer possibility to work with the fur
-Reworked the boots to get more triangles
-Reworked the jacket to get more triangles
-Pants now have pockets
-Added radial gradients on his butt and balls, Added a detail mask to clear the normal map and added a lighten gradient to his tail
-Removed fur from his butt
-New poses

Pants and shorts are clipping but since they are two entirely different outfits and not meant to work simultaneously I went the lazy way this time :)

Moving on to the next project.
As always, let me know what you think, stay tuned and until next time.

Updated 2021-11-07:
- Nipple-Update
- Improved textures for the jacket
- Bacckface-culling

Updated 2022-07-02:
- Added Expressions
- Reworked clothes and bind positions
- changed teeth to cloth to make the expressions work.

Updated 2024-02-15:
animation update!

  • added physics to ears, tail, hair and earring
  • Reworked hair style
  • minor touch up
Previous versions

thanks for the Piano .obj by the way!

17 hours ago


thanks for the Piano .obj by the way!

Always a pleasure. Though it's not my quality standard anymore I guess...
Character update in progress...

13 hours ago
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