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Jeggo enters the picture!

So this is my last character that follows the usual "Designs" That I have. Any future character will follow a completely different rule and I do hope it will pleasantly surprise yall.

Updated 2021-09-07:
-Armlet clothings!
-Coloured nipples
-Whiter Hands
-All fluff are bigger now
-Brow fluff is better

Updated 2021-12-08:
Felt like updating Jegso
-His face is now more stern and stronger/masculine and longer
-He has got veins in sexy places
-Hair is now fluffier
-Fixed Nipples from Nipple Massacre Update

Updated 2022-06-14:
Small overhaul Update
Added a new Hairstyle
New Eyes
New lips
A long Hairtie
Additional effects
His veiny crotch is now actually visible

This was the most underperforming character of mine, might as well give him some buffs

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