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From the not-too-distant future, Mag is a furry who spends most of her time in the virtual world getting laid and watching holovids. She's also something of a technical wizard, able to accomplish all kinds of fun and sexy things in the virtual world of the Ether. Currently dating Ethan.

She used to be somewhat shy about her chosen form, instead opting to take forms she thought would appeal to others. With Ethan's help, she's much more comfortable as herself now.

Mag is 25, female, American, and bisexual.

Updated 2021-10-28:

  • Reduced several scales
  • Remade clothes
  • Added dildo
  • Added sex poses in Celestial environment (move Pelvis joint along the appropriate axis for fun)
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  • First uploaded: 9 months, 2 weeks ago
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