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Temeraire "Blacky" Xiang

"Hey folks, that's me.

Yeah, in real life I look exactly like this, I swear, so if you notice me, give me a "cheers", will ya?

So a bit about myself?
I'm a young dragon, ambitions and helpful or "kind", but also led by my head and some might say I like the sound of my own voice.
I have a small but well running company distributing art of any kind like paintings photography and such things. I am of course a artist myself and have a lot of other hobbies.
Like bondage to name just an example >:)

I live in the city of love, Paris and I work hand in hand with my secretary Nicolette Renard.

Anything I missed? Just ask me!"


Updated 2021-12-24:
Picture update (removed the office for now till there is a better method to implement it for everyone)

Updated 2022-03-29:
Expression update

added shape key to the shirt to roll it up

changed a bit of body texture around the thighs

Updated 2022-04-21:
This is the Greatest Show

  • Added hat
  • Added cane
  • fixed a bug with the pants
  • fixed a bug with the shirt roll up shape key
  • New pose
  • adjusted grin expression

Updated 2022-05-08:
Change of style it is again and to be honest:
It feels way more "right". Fancy clothes and stuff like that is nice, but it's not me at all. Blue-jeans, leather jacket and band shirt however is.

-removed shirt and tie
-removed hat
-removed cane

-adjusted face frills
-adjusted antler textures and location
-added custom offsets on the face and adjusted body shape
-added some more expressions
-added shirt with print
-changed jacket and pants textures
-fixed clipping issues

Previous versions

After 30 characters, you finally get around to making yourself, eh? :D

9 months, 1 week ago


After 30 characters, you finally get around to making yourself, eh? :D

Looks like this is how I work... I'm putting myself on the last place xD. I planned to make him a bit earlier but a lot more stuff came in the way and I simply wasn't in the mood for another dragon after I made Kaiga. Well now I finally have a face of my own :D

9 months, 1 week ago
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