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Anby (Fox Squirrel)

The Fox Squirrel is an animal with a squirrel-like body and a fox-like head which first appears in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and then in Castle in the Sky and has cameos in other Studio Ghibli films.
Their appearance is a mix of cats and kitsunes; like Eevee in Pokémon. In Japan, both creatures are lucky charms for its owner. Fox Squirrels are called Kitsunerisu (キツネリス) oder Mammal (マメ) in Japanese.

She like going to adventure or explore to see miraculous thing. Sometime she stay at the forest with to find sum of knowledge to understand the bugs or animal's living. Because she was born on a place full of dangers and a large number of insects. To survive by this land, she need to understand how to find which one is eat or not, and she maybe careful some of bug have attack or something.

Story of begin: (The Valley of the Wind) (Fiction)
When she carry the food or water to return to house, have some of explosion or rush towards something on her way, she see what happen, but she was catched by the explorer with save her life. She want to know what's going on, but she see the giant bug are rush to their, she is very scare, but lucky, the girl Nausicaä are fix the problem. Meanwhile, she see that all process later, she have a curious to know about her (Nausicaä) like: skill, knowledge and her style. So that the after the story, she stay on her with learning and trying.


Why can't I see milk? How should I play it?

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In fact I am trying to changing my characters have more details and sexy things, but I need more time to complete it, by the way, thanks for you comments

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