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Oros, The Crimson Eclipse

"Greetings fellow comrades!

This one goes by the name of Oros!
Once I was a proud and glorious warrior, the first one who ever served the lady Hoshi, the first angel. But as all our fates are I passed away centuries ago...

My soul however refused to vanish from this world clinging to my very sword and I became the "Ghost of the Soldier" unable to move away from my blade and unable to speak to anyone in centuries. But now a brave and reckless young woman freed me from this curse!
Noelani the daughter of the Wind is now my lady whom I shall serve till her death and for pride and glory I will be her guide in the heat of all her coming battles!"

Updated 2022-01-14:
- Added jewelry on his armor horns and right arm,
- minor changes on the armor for better performance
- removed the ghost body, i decided to split it into another
version of him.
-Picture and pose update

Updated 2023-06-11:
- Changed wing model
- Adjusted cloth and body parts and triangles
- Added shape key to the loincloth armor to enable the shaft
-Minor coloration tweaks on the back and the ruffle
-Fixed UV of the ruffles
-Added expressions
-Reworked teeth
-Added Background

Updated 2024-02-20:
Animation update!

  • shoulder-plates are now exposed parts
  • reworked tail and unified it with the ruffle
  • fixed a hole inside the main ruffles
  • scaled him down to fit the rest of the roster better
  • fixed minor texture issues
  • remade teeth entirely so they now move with the
  • Added physics to beard, tail, wings and shoulder-plates
  • Added collision handle to the sword
  • Changed and removed decals

Updated 2024-02-22:
- Adjusted root size and bind position for the loincloth
- Adjusted nipple size
- Fixed an issue with the mirrored shoulder plate physics
- Fixed an issue with the loincloth decal textures

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Sehr schick - tolle Farbgebung

10 months, 1 week ago

that's quite a change !!!

1 month, 3 weeks ago
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