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Maid Marian

Hu that was a hard piece, but it's done, I'm getting better!

Maid Marian is a vixen (a female fox), and is a noble lady of England, born a niece of King Richard (though she is not Prince John's daughter). Being a high-born lady, she has been schooled in the noble and genteel arts, including etiquette, protocol and the spoken word. She is attended, and protected, by Lady Kluck, her lady-in-waiting.

Maid Marian left Nottingham, her ancestral home, when she was a child, spending many years in London learning the finer points of being a member of the nobility. She knew Robin Hood when they were both children (when they shared a more innocent and youthful affection for each other), but lost touch with him upon leaving for London. Upon her return to her family estate in Nottingham, and during her uncle Richard's absence (as a result of his participation in the Crusades), she had to walk a fine line so as not to upset Prince John, all while hoping and dreaming that she would see Robin again, and that they would renew their romance. Which, of course, they eventually did, marrying and setting off on their honeymoon at the end of the movie.

Updated 2022-02-03:
- Added fangs
- Easy clothing adjustment
- So that you can no longer squint under the skirt of "LADY" so easily, underwear added! :P

I don't want to reveal too much but she won't be the only fox in the woods.
Ich will nicht zuviel verraten aber sie wird nicht der einzige Fuchs in den Wäldern bleiben.

Previous versions

Good job on her man!

Love the expressions on her. The clothes clip a little but they are really well done :D

2 years, 2 months ago

Yes, the skirt unfortunately only sticks to the body, it would have to fall physically so that it looks right; I'm not completely satisfied yet!

2 years, 2 months ago
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