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Aria Octavia

Always traveling by air, she never denies a request of a song from anyone that wishes to hear her vibrant voice and colorful energy.

Ok, first ever upload from me! My premiere was more earlier then I expected since I wanted to start doing personal characters much later, but here we are, let's go!

Updated 2022-06-01:
- New hair with correct pivot point
- Updated poses and screenshots

Previous versions

Love it! I also like how you are giving us ideas for such characters with the new assets.

2 years ago

Ah, now that's a nice birdie you got there! Love the face pattern and colors.
Also welcome to the rows of creators :P

2 years ago

Why do I have to think on "The Legend of Zelda"!? ;)

2 years ago


Why do I have to think on "The Legend of Zelda"!? ;)

You're certainly not wrong there :)

2 years ago
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  • First uploaded: 2 years ago
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