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Align coupling nodes with orifice pelvis

Currently coupling nodes have their own position/rotation, which override the pelvis node of the target orifice's character. This causes unclear or undesirable behaviour in couple of cases:

  • When entering/exiting coupling during a step, the pelvis and coupling node have to be manually aligned to maintain the same position.

  • When multiple couplings are active for the same character, the bottom one in the list overrides the top one, but they still have separate widgets, causing confusion in the timeline.

  • When adding coupling a couple of steps into the animation, all previous steps have to be updated because the default values are not set. This is made much worse because the original pelvis position is now overwritten and can no longer be seen.

The suggested solution: Always align the coupling node with the pelvis of the target orifice's character, do not allow it to be set separately. I believe this should solve the issues listed above.


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